Sufjan Stevens to reissue ‘Songs For Christmas’ on vinyl for first time

All of the collection's 42 tracks will be pressed in time for the holidays

Sufjan Stevens has announced plans to reissue his 2006 ‘Songs for Christmas’ collection on Vinyl for the first time.

The artist’s longtime record label Asthmatic Kitty revealed the plans to put out the box set on November 9th and the collection will feature all 42 songs of the original release. The tracks will be spread out over five EPs.

The label have also detailed that the original package design will be included with the collection, which includes drawings created by Stevens, a painted family portrait, chord charts and lyric sheets for the tracks.


Each year between 2001 and 2010, Stevens recorded Christmas tracks to give as gifts to his friends and family. ‘Songs For Christmas’ is comprised of the first five year’s worth of those tracks and was originally released in 2006. The following five years were released in another collection – ‘Silver & Gold’ – in 2012.

In August, Stevens released another project – 2006’s album The Avalanche – for the first time on vinyl.

Stevens was recently spotted at the VMAs, where he wore the same suit jacket as Gucci Mane.

The songwriter, along with Kendrick Lamar, was one of the 928 people to be invited to become members of the academy in 2018.

Stevens also recently performed his track ‘Visions of Gideon’ from 2017’s celebrated film Call Me By Your Name for the first time live.


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