Suga says he feels the “most at ease” around BTS members

“I’d like for the seven of us to be together for a long, long time,” said the rapper

Suga has spoken about the importance of his bond with BTS and how he feels most comfortable around his bandmates.

On April 24, BTS’ Suga unveiled episode nine of his online talk show Suchwita. While the rapper usually acts as the series’ host, Suga took on the role of the guest in the new episode to promote his new solo record ‘D-Day’, with BTS leader RM hosting the episode.

During their chat, the pair discussed the close bond between the group’s members. “I’m the most at ease around you guys,” Suga told RM. “I’m sure you’ve seen Suchwita‘s various episodes, and I’m always the most comfortable with the members.


“I can talk comfortably about these things because you guys are family and my brothers,” he continued, to which RM responded by pointing out that the group see more of each other than their actual siblings.

Suga went on to express his desire for BTS’ bond to be everlasting, saying: “I dream of a future where the seven of us are together until we die. I’d like for the seven of us to be together for a long, long time.”

“I don’t know how much more time will pass, or how long we will [continue to] go forward, but even when we get old and stop [promoting as an act] I hope BTS can all be together,” added the rapper.

While the boyband are currently focused on their military enlistments and solo endeavours, Suga also shared that he would like to document the making of an album with BTS when they are able to reconvene as a group.

“I had a lot of fun filming In The Soop and Bon Voyage,” he said. “I’d like to combine that with our album. We’d work, and if things don’t go well, we can just play. It doesn’t matter where we go. Regardless of how many songs [come out of it], I thought it’d be nice to make memories.”


Last Friday (April 21), Suga released his debut studio album ‘D-DAY’. The record features the songs ‘Haegeum’ and ‘Amygdala’, the latter of which received a music video treatment yesterday (April 24).

‘D-DAY’ also features the title track ‘Haegeum’ as well as collaborations with BTS bandmate J-hope (‘HUH?!’), Woosung of The Rose and late Japanese composer Ryuichi Sakamoto (‘Snooze’) and IU (‘People Pt. 2’).

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