Suga of BTS releases full version of his rendition of ‘Over The Horizon’

“Like the title, ‘Over The Horizon,’ it’s about going beyond our limits”

Suga of K-pop boyband BTS has released the full version of his rendition of ‘Over The Horizon’, which is better known as the Samsung Galaxy brand song.

The instrumental track was teased earlier this month in Samsung’s Voice Of Galaxy project, where the South Korean musician spoke about his inspiration for the newly released track. At the time, Suga said that “it was an honour to work on a song that has been part of Galaxy’s 10-year history”.

“I listened to it over and over again [and then] added a string solo and guitar to make it more dramatic and to give it the full grandeur,” he added. “I tried to make my own interpretation while keeping the melody largely the same, for it to resonate with a broader audience.”


“Like the title, ‘Over The Horizon’, it’s about going beyond our limits,” Suga said. “No one knows what will unfold, but our dreams make us go farther than ever.”

The full version of Suga’s reinterpretation of ‘Over The Horizon’ was released on August 30 on the BANGTANTV YouTube channel, as well as on the official BTS SoundCloud account. Fans can also download a free MP3 version of the song through the official Samsung website.

Last month, the K-pop idol spoke about how labels’ attitude to artists is affecting the music industry during an interview with Weverse Magazine. “I think that’s the biggest issue and it’s destroying the industry. If you just see the artist as a product, how can they do anything creative?” he said.


Meanwhile, BTS recently released a new remix of their smash hit ‘Butter’, featuring Megan Thee Stallion. The reworked single came just days after a judge cleared the song for release and granted the rapper permission to drop the remix, after her label 1501 Certified Entertainment and distributor 300 Entertainment had allegedly blocked her from releasing it.

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