Sugababes deny Keisha Buchanan was pushed out

Heidi Range says reports are 'completely not true'

Sugababes have denied that the recently-departed Keisha Buchanan was pushed out by the band.

Buchanan, who left the group earlier this last week had previously claimed she was forced to leave, but during an interview with BBC Radio 1 the remaining members said otherwise.

“We just told our managers we couldn’t work like this,” bandmember Heidi Range told presenter Scott Mills. “It’s hard but you’ve got to make a life decision, where you’re going to move on, and I know there were reports in the paper that I planned to get Keisha out of the group and that’s completely not true.”

The group who have now added former Eurovision entrant Jade Ewan to the line-up, are set to continue as Sugababes, despite none of the original members still remaining in the group.

Also during the interview Amelle Berrabah, who was initially thought to have quit the band, cleared up that she didn’t “disappear” before Buchanan‘s departure was officially announced.

“I’d hit a wall and just needed some time alone,” she said. “I just switched my phone off and I didn’t really want to speak to anyone.”

Sugababes‘ new album, which has already been recorded with vocals from Buchanan, is set to be re-recorded with Jade Ewan, although no that process has yet to begin.

“None of that’s been done yet,” confirmed Range, but she did reveal they’re “going to do some more tracks as well”.