Former Sugababe announces debut single

Mutya Buena to release 'Real Girl'

Former Sugababes singer Mutya Buena is set to release her debut single ’Real Girl’ on May 14.

The track features a sample of the Lenny Kravitz 1991 hit ’It Ain’t Over ‘Til It’s Over’.

The song is taken from her debut album of the same name which will be released on June 4. It features her duet with George Michael, ’This Is Not Real Love’, as well as collaborations with Amy Winehouse on ‘B-Boy Baby’ and Groove Armada on ’Out Of Control’.

Speaking about her image in the Sugababes Buena said: “During the Sugababes people did misunderstand me. But you’ve got to remember that I started when I was fourteen.

“When you’re that young you don’t know much and you’re not really gonna be sitting there taking in the media training ‘cos you’re not concerned. I grew up in north-west London and I didn’t know any better.”