Sum 41 discuss controversial new song

They sing about the death of the president

Sum 41 have been discussing their controversial new song ’March Of The Dogs’.

The song, which debuted on iTunes recently, discusses the death of the president of the USA.

It contains the lyrics: “Ladies and gentlemen of the underclass/ the president of the United States of America is dead…And now the president’s dead/Because they blew off his head/No more neck to be red/I guess to heaven he fled”, reports MTV.

Posting on Myspace/Sum41 frontman Deryk Whibley wrote: “Lyrically it’s one of the more political songs that are on the album…I wanted to let you all know that this will NOT be a political record.

“The line is a metaphor for how Bush is so ineffectual and incompetent as a president…It’s the worst way I could think of to describe how bad he is as a leader.”

The band are set to release their new album ’Underclass Hero’, which will include ‘March Of The Dogs’, on July 23.