The man claims his business has suffered and he has experienced trauma due to the band's actions..

Sum 41 are being sued for throwing a hotdog at a man during a baseball game.

Michael Sudore has filed two lawsuits, seeking damages of $6 million. He is claiming they taped the incident without his permission, and included it on 2002’s ‘Does This Look Infected?’ DVD.

Sudore, owner of a home improvements business, says he was told about his appearance in the DVD by a client, whose child had asked him about the incident.

According to lawyer H Todd Bullard, Sudore’s business has suffered, and he has experienced trauma due to the band’s actions, reports MTV.

“He believes his reputation has been tarnished, obviously,” said Bullard. “And in addition, it’s continued damage each time they sell one [of these DVDs]. Not to mention the humiliation. They picked him out because of his distinct look and pelted him with a hot dog, then surreptitiously taped him and his reaction, and not in the most flattering way.”

The band, who often feature pranks on members of the public in their videos, have not commented or responded to the lawsuits at present.