Thank God they got out...

Sum 41 were dramatically evacuated from the Democratic Republic of Congo this week after getting caught up in an upsurge in violence in the African nation.

The Canadian pop-punksters had travelled to the civil-war ravaged country to film a documentary and draw attention to the many problems in the Congo.

Frontman Deryck Whibley, drummer Steve Jocz, guitarist Dave Baksh and bassist Cone McCaslin had all met children and ex-soldiers

caught up in the nation’s struggle.

According to Rolling Stone, the group’s stay in the town of Bukavu was interrupted when a peace agreement between rebel groups broke down and gunfights escalated.

“When we heard those gunshots, we knew what was going on,” said Whibley. “We just hung out in our room and passed out to gunfire. We didn’t really sleep, though. We were just lying there hoping we were going to get out the next day.”

The band and film crew were ushered into armoured vehicles and whisked away to a United Nations compound from where they were airlifted to Uganda. They flew back to Canada on Tuesday, seven days ahead of schedule.