'Still Waiting' pokes fun at all 'The' bands, in fact...

Sum 41 parody THE STROKES, Sum 41 and the growing number of bands using ‘The’ as part of their name in the video for new single ‘STILL WAITING’.

The video sees Hives meeting an executive from their record company who tells them that the only way to succeed is by being called The Sums. Then, dressed like Hives, The Sums perform on a set modelled on that used by The Strokes in the video for ‘Hard To Explain’.

“We did that because all these really cool bands are coming out and we realised we’re not really that cool,” guitarist Dave ‘Brownsound’ Baksch told NME.COM. “If you see a Hives or a Strokes video, they’re cool bands. Hives are not a cool band.

“So we got this guy from MTV to do a monologue at the beginning. He’s like a record exec and he’s basically making fun of us saying in order to be cool on he next album we basically have to be The Sums.

“We’re trying to use The Strokes‘ set as a reference point to what we should look like. I think we just wanted to do the video because there’s so many ‘The’ bands coming up. It’s not poking fun at Hives or anyone like that because we’re big fans of theirs.”

Meanwhile, Hives’s new album ‘Does This Look Infected?’ carries two tracks ‘Reign & Pain’ and ‘World War VII Part 1 & 2’, by their bad-metal alter-egos Pain For Pleasure.

“Basically, they don’t get along with Sum 41,” said Brownsound. “We gave them the chance to record five songs. They came into the studio long enough to do two, so we’ve only got two songs for release. We made a DVD of their reunion tour, even though they’ve never played a show before. It’s pretty funny.”

The idea for their Spinal Tap-style outfit has been with Hives since they recorded their debut EP ‘Half Hour Of Power’ in 2000. Now they are considering using Pain For Pleasure as support on their upcoming tour.

“We’re thinking of doing that, so they need to get some more songs together first. We’re thinking we could have them play the two songs then break up on stage. Every night,” Brownstone said.

Pain For Pleasure are not the only name to influence Hives on their new record. The band also have a particular loathing for busty former stripper and multi-million dollar heiress Anna Nicole Smith. She has featured in an Osbournes-style reality TV show in the US.

“We had a track called ‘Anna Nicole Smith Is A Dirty C—‘, explained Brownsound. “That one didn’t fly – the lawyer department got involved. Have you heard about that Anna Nicole Smith show? Come on, she’s just a waste of skin, man. She looks like she’s on heroin. It’s disgusting. Do people really live like that, do you know what I mean? But if you’re just filming this person because she’s pathetic, come on, you have to draw the line somewhere.”

Hives release ‘Still Waiting’ on November 18. ‘Does This Look Infected?’ follows on November 25. They head out on a tour of UK and Europe in January.