Summer Walker releases ethereal new EP ‘Clear 2: Soft Life’

The EP serves as the sequel to the singer's 2019 four-track debut EP 'Clear'

Summer Walker has recently shared her new EP called ‘Clear 2: Soft Life’ – listen below.

Announced during her performance at this year’s Dreamville Festival, the EP is the sequel to the Atlantan singer’s 2019 four-track debut EP ‘Clear’, a prelude to her debut Billboard chart-topping album, ‘Over It’. It arrived last Friday (May 19) via LVRN/Interscope Records.

The nine-track collection features verses from J. Cole and Childish Gambino, and sees Walker further explore her love for neo-soul.


A music video for the sultry lead single, ‘Pull Up’, was shared in tandem with the EP. In the visuals, you see Walker being lured away from her home and a second suitor in his parked-up car.

There is also a star-studded list of producers contributing to ‘Clear 2: Soft Life’. The closing track, ‘Agayu’s Revelation’, was produced by R&B juggernauts Solange, Steve Lacy and John Kirby. Additionally, Viner-turn-prolific producer Jay Versace worked on the aforementioned ‘Pull Up’.

Sharing a statement with Apple Music, the Soul Train Award winner said: “I wouldn’t call it a continuation of ‘Clear’, like the first one because the first one was kinda sad, like all my music [is] sad.”


Since she’s “in a different space”, the EP is solely a “continuation” of Walker’s love for live instrumentation.

“It’s all live… And no tune, it’s a live band, and it’s soul music. These are my favourite type of projects that I like to do because it’s my favourite type of music to make.” She also told Apple Music that her third album is coming “soon.”

During her 2021 NME cover story, Walker promised her upcoming music would be soul “from here out”: “One of them is cleared, and if we can clear the one after that, then the upcoming music will be straight soul,” she explained.

Walker’s last release was her 2021 second album ‘Still Over It’. In a five-star review, NME said the singer had turned her “relationship problems into R&B gold.”

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