Sun Kil Moon’s Mark Kozelek to release new EP

The EP will be out 7 October via Kozelek's Caldo Verde Records

Mark Kozelek, aka Sun Kil Moon, has announced a new EP to be released on 7 October via his own record label, Caldo Verde Records. The EP is called ‘Down in the Willow Garden’.

He also has two other projects in the works. At the end of July he announced a collaborative album between Sun Kil Moon and Jesu to be released in February 2016. He is also planning a spoken word release alongside Slowdive’s Rachel Goswell, which will be out on 27 October. Kozelek’s latest album as Sun Kil Moon, ‘Universal Themes’, was released in June of this year.

See the tracklisting for ‘Down in the Willow Garden’ below.

1. ‘Down in the Willow Garden (Version 1)’
2. ‘Sick Again’
3. ‘Chapter 8 of John Connolly’s “A Song of Shadows”‘
4. ‘Down in the Willow Garden (Version 2)’



Last year Kozelek hit headlines for his spat with The War On Drugs’ Adam Granduciel. Kozelek dismissed The War on Drugs as “beer commercial lead guitar shit” and posted two songs online entitled ‘War on Drugs: Suck my Cock’ and ‘Adam Granofsky [Granduciel] Blues’, but Granduciel said that he tried not to take any of the attacks to heart.

Speaking to NME, Granduciel said, “At the end of the day, it’s just noise. I don’t even know; I try not to take it personally. I mean, I’ve been a fan of his music for 10-plus years, including his more recent stuff. I remember driving across the country on our American tour, listening to [Sun Kil Moon album] ‘Benji’ and being fascinated with it. But all that other stuff… I’m just kinda confused by it.”