‘We’re messing shit up’ – Sunflower Bean on what to expect from their second album

The record will be politically-inspired but 'escapist'

Sunflower Bean have spoken out about progress on their politically-inspired but ‘escapist’ second album. Watch our video interview with the band above.

The NYC trio were attending the VO5 NME Awards 2017 where they were nominated for Best New Artist. As they hit the red carpet, NME asked them about progress on their next album with the follow-up to their acclaimed debut album ‘Human Ceremony‘.

“We’ve got a lot of material,” singer and bassist Julia Cumming told NME. “We were nervous to start but now that we’re in the thick of it, it’s really exciting. We’re just making demos and taking our time.


She continued: “I think we’re always growing as musicians and growing together, getting better, moving forward, messing shit up, we’re living life, we’re a rock band. We’re finding ourselves and growing up a little bit. That’s what I hope for us.”

As for what was lyrically inspiring them at the moment, guitarist Nick Kivlen said: “The world is not in a great place right now so it’s a little hard to do anything. I think musically, we’re delving into escapism and fantasy, but lyrically we’re becoming a little bit more topical.

Cumming added: “We’re working on a song about New York City, we’re talking about how everything is changing. There’s so much going on in the US and in the world right now that I thnk no matter how you feel politically, you’re effected by the change. That’s giving us a lot of inspiration because every day something new happens, you go into the practice space and you start playing and all these feelings come out that you didn’t even know where there.”

Sunflower Bean NME Awards 2017 Red Carpet

Meanwhile the band will return to the UK this summer where Sunflower Bean join the likes of The Hives and Rancid in supporting Green Day at London’s Hyde Park as part of British Summer Time on Saturday 1 July.