Day6’s Sungjin surprises fans with sudden military enlistment

The singer made the surprise announcement during a live broadcast

Sungjin of South Korean band Day6 has announced that he will be enlisting in the military.

The musician, who is the leader of Day6, surprised fans earlier today (March 8) when he suddenly announced on South Korean broadcasting app V Live that he would be starting his mandatory military service on the same day.

The livestream, which Sungjin titled ‘Salute!!!’, was held in a car as the singer made his way to the military training centre where he would begin his service. Sporting a buzzcut, he revealed that he had decided on his enlistment date last month.


“[The rest of the members] will continue to keep the group going through units or individual activities. And when the other members are in the military, I’ll have returned, so I can promote and keep the group [going],” he said, as translated by Soompi. “What’s for sure is that Day6 will continue on after I return.”

Prior to Sungjin’s military enlistment, JYP Entertainment revealed in a statement to XSports News that the band had reunited and were working a new album. While the agency has yet to specify a release window, Sungjin shared that he had already recorded his parts for the upcoming project.

The upcoming album will be the band’s first release as a full group since their 2020 EP ‘The Book of Us: The Demon’. Sungjin and fellow member Jae took a temporary hiatus following the project’s release due to health concerns. The remaining members – Young K, Wonpil and Dowoon – subsequently released the EP ‘The Book of Us: Gluon’ under the sub-unit Even Of Day.