Sunmi travels through time in music video for ‘Heart Burn’

Her new single album of the same name is out now

Sunmi has released a music video for ‘Heart Burn’, the title track for her single album of the same name.

In the alluring visual, Sunmi travels through time and woos several lovers. All of her romantic endeavors end in heartbreak, however, as she loses all of her lovers to a fever they contract after spending a night with her.

Summer heat doesn’t cool down all night / I keep dancing with dangerous moves / Burning sunlight with a mild breeze / I love these vibes,” Sunmi sings in the second verse. According to a press release, ‘Heart Burn’ is described a track that “depicts a hot midsummer love story”.


‘Heart Burn’, which marks Sunmi’s first official comeback of the year, also features the city pop-inspired B-side track ‘Childhood’. Earlier this year, Sunmi teamed up with Spotify Singles to release the track ‘Oh Sorry Ya’.

That song was released under the platform’s new EQUAL X Spotify Singles project, which aims to uplift female artists during International Women’s Day. Notably, ‘Oh Sorry Ya’ was co-produced by the idol herself, alongside Los Angeles-based songwriting duo LYRE.

Last August, Sunmi released her third mini-album ‘1/6’. That track was led by ‘You Can’t Sit With Us’ and also marked the official release of ‘Borderline’, an English-language track written by the singer about her experience with borderline personality disorder (BPD).

In other Sunmi news, the singer is set to take over Jessi as the host of the popular SBS web talk show Showterview. However, Jessi has since revealed that she was not told that she would be replaced as the host of Showterview, and only found out through the media.

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