Sunmi reunites with Wonder Girls’ Sunye to perform ‘Gashina’ together live

Sunye performed 'Farewell Under The Sun' with J.Y. Park

Sunmi has reunited on stage with fellow former Wonder Girls‘ member Sunye for live performance of her hit 2017 single ‘Gashina’.

On the January 20 episode of tvN’s reality TV series Mom Is An Idol, the show’s cast of contestants, which include Sunye and After School‘s Kahi, were tasked to prepare a series of special performances for a segment titled the ‘BFF Concert’.

For the segment, Sunye recruited her fellow ex-Wonder Girls bandmate Sunmi – the duo had been in the group together from 2017 to 2010 – for a joint performnace of the latter’s hit 2017 single ‘Gashina’.


“But only you don’t know, like a fool / Are you sure you’re not crazy? / Why are you leaving the pretty me here and leaving,” the two K-pop idols harmonise on the chorus, while also performing the song’s iconic choreography.

Aside from her collaboration with Sunmi, Sunye had also joined forces with JYP Entertainment head J.Y. Park for a heartfelt cover of ‘Farewell Under The Sun’, originally by Miss A’s Suzy and Bernard Park.

Mom Is An Idol, which began airing early last month, stars several popular formers female idols who had left the entertainment industry to focus on motherhood. Some notable performances for the ‘BFF Concerts’ from other acts include Park Jung-ah’s reunion with all past members from the now-disbanded girl group Jewelry.


Meanwhile, back in November, Sunmi collaborated with Korean-American rapper Jessi and British singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran on a surprise remix of the latter’s smash hit ‘Shivers’.

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