Sunmi on new single ‘TAIL’: “I don’t have a song I like better’”

She also revealed that writing 'TAIL' had been “a bit overwhelming”

K-pop singer Sunmi has revealed disclosed that her latest track ‘TAIL’ is her favorite among all the songs she has written.

During a guest appearance on the KBS radio show Kang Han Na’s Volume Up yesterday (March 3), Sunmi said that while she has written a number of very successful songs – including singles like ‘LALALAY’, ‘Siren’ and ‘Gashina’ – her latest release ‘TAIL’ is her favorite.

“I don’t have a song I like better than ‘TAIL’,” she said, while also teasing that she has a number of unreleased songs in the vault. “I have a lot of songs [written], but I have more quiet, sentimental songs than I do songs that would suit a dance performance.”


She also added that writing ‘TAIL’ had been “a bit overwhelming” and gave her newfound admiration for music producers. “I’m truly in awe [of them]”, she said.

During the interview, Sunmi also expressed her interest in working with other producers for her future releases, noting that many of her recent singles have been self-produced (alongside longtime collaborator Frants). “I don’t think my songs need to be self-composed, so if there are other good songs out there, I want to sing them,” she explained.

‘TAIL’, which came out on February 23, is the artist’s first release for 2021. The song was inspired by the way animals use their tails to express their emotions, Sunmi said in a press conference, stating that “the word ‘tail’ just left a huge impact in my mind”.

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