The group are involved in a fracas with a group of "racist idiots"...

SUNNA spent the night before their NME CARLING AWARDS show in jail, after being arrested in LONDON following a “bit of a fracas” with a group of “racist idiots”.

Speaking to NME.COM following the band’s performance at the London Astoria last night (February 1), guitarist Ian McLaren said the band were walking through Kilburn in north London when they were approached by three youths. He said: “We ended up in the cells, we got in a bit of a fracas. We resolved it ourselves and made sure everyone was going away happy, and then the police turned up.

“It was kind of a racist attack really because we’ve got a black friend and there’s these three American kids and they didn’t like the fact John the singer, Flatline the DJ and myself were with a black person, so they launched an attack on us.”

Singer John Harris added: “I just got attacked by some racist idiots and the police got involved. I slept in the cell for the night. I’ve got a cracked rib, (my) teeth’s fallen out, fat lip, other than that it’s all good.”

All four spent the night in the cells, but were released without charge. The band then spent yesterday recovering and played their NME Carling Awards show alongside The Mull Historical Society, King Adora and Mansun unaffected.

Speaking about the show, McLaren said they enjoyed the eclectic bill they were playing on. He said: “We’re looking down and we have this group going absolutely mental, and a group of girls on the other side with their fingers in their ears going ‘Shut Up!’. I’ve never had that mixture before, people absolutely hating it, and people absolutely loving it.”

In addition, King Adora also almost missed their slot after their tour bus broke down on the motorway on route from Birmingham. Following his band’s performance, singer Matt Browne said: “We ran out of petrol, had a petrol crisis of our own! And I lost my voice this morning, it all looked a bit of a disaster. But it’s done! It’s exciting.”