The band have been all over the world making the follow-up to 'Phantom Power', frontman Gruff Rhys tells NME.COM...

[url=]SUPER FURRY ANIMALS have completed their “epic” seventh studio album – which took the band all over the world.

Recorded in Barcelona, Rio De Janeiro and Cardiff, the album is due out in August and will be called ‘Love Kraft’, singer Gruff Rhys told NME.COM.

“It’s like a silver cigar-shape space craft, it’s our epic record,” he explained. “It’s the most orchestral record we’ve done, but it’s still very much the sound of a band in a room together.”

The LP was produced by [a][/a] collaborator Mario Caldato, as was 2003’s ’Phantom Power’. Mixing took place in Caldato’s native Brazil after sessions in Spain. But Rhys was insistent they didn’t rip off their surroundings.

“We made a pact not to make a Brazilian sounding record. There’s nothing worse then a band going to another part of the world and nicking their music,” he said. “We found an old recording desk in Rio that gave everything a really warm sound, and we sampled some Brazilian insects, but there’s no Samba beats.”

Explaining that the rest of the band have joined him on vocals, Rhys added that the record is “very uplifting, but also our least poppy record. It’s more textured and atmospheric”.

A single has yet to be chosen, but the singer revealed there were three strong contenders. “There’s a cosmic funk song called ‘Laser Beam’, a power ballad called ‘Frequency’ and then there’s ‘Psyclone’, which is a song about a chicken crossing the road and getting hit by a meteorite. It didn’t look up and that’s the moral of the song,” he said.

Rhys added that after his recent solo work it’s good to be back with the band.

“I’m planning to be the only solo artist to split up, I thinking of doing it live on the internet,” he declared. “It’s nice to have a record out under your own name, but when we’re together it’s more fun. We’ve been going together for ten years and we’re gradually getting telepathic powers.”