But don't worry, it was only the yetis that came to a bloody end...

SUPER FURRY ANIMALS killed off their infamous yetis on the final date of their world tour last night (April 8).

The yetis have become a fixture on the dates that have supported the Welsh eccentrics’ current album ‘Phantom Power’.

Yet at last night’s show at London Hammersmith Apollo, the band came onstage in the yeti suits at the end of the closing ‘The Man Don’t Give A Fuck’.

Then suddenly, gunshots were heard and the yetis fell to the floor and were stretchered off the stage.

After the show, singer Gruff Rhys told NME.COM: “The yetis are no more, although seeing as it was Easter weekend, maybe they should have been crucified.”

However, he denied that they would be resurrected on Sunday.

Elsewhere, the band were joined by rising Welsh hip-hop outfit Goldie Lookin’ Chain, for recent collaboration ‘Motherfokker’.

The setlist was:

‘Slow Life’


‘(Drawing) Rings Around The World’

‘Golden Retriever’


‘Do Or Die’

‘Liberty Belle’

‘Hello Sunshine’

‘Run Christian, Run!’

‘Cityscape Skybaby’

‘Bleed Forever’

‘The Piccolo Snare’

‘Something’s Come From Nothing’

‘Juxtapozed With U’

‘Hermann Loves Pauline’

‘Play It Cool’

‘The International Language Of Screaming’

‘Receptacle For The Respectable’

‘Out Of Control’


‘The Man Don’t Give A Fuck’