Gruff Rhys plays a three-song set before the Lips appear...

SUPER FURRY ANIMALS singer GRUFF RHYS was the latest surprise support act on the Flaming Lips’ UK tour.

The group are currently travelling across the country, and are due to end their tour at the London Forum this week (January 21-22).

At the gig at the Bristol Academy, the band’s set was preceded by a three-song acoustic set from Rhys.


A fan at the gig told NME.COM: “Lurking on the wings of the stage was someone dressed up as a red Power Ranger. He then came onstage and sat down to play a song on a Casio keyboard. The helmet then came off to reveal that it was Gruff.

“The first thing he said was about how the government are wrong to go on about blaming gun violence on musicians. He said that he had grown up in north Wales witnessing gun crime. A friend of his was shot at by a farmer who thought he was a fox because of his ginger hair!

“He then played a song called ‘Foxy Music’ that documented the incident. After this there was a new SFA song called ‘Bleed Forever’, and he ended by singing a song he wrote for the [/a] the day before in his car.”

Badly Drawn Boy recently made a special appearance onstage with the [a] in Manchester (January 16).

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