The Cardiff of the 'Rings Around The World' DVD is delayed after a double booking with the latest Hollywood blockbuster...

The world premiere of the 13 mini-films that accompany the SUPER FURRY ANIMALS‘ new ‘RINGS AROUND THE WORLD’ album has been bombed out by Hollywood blockbuster ‘PEARL HARBOR’.

The films were to have been the closing highlight of Cardiff’s two-day ‘Interactive City’ multimedia conference tonight (June 4).

Delegates at the conference had been invited to an exclusive early-evening screening at the UCI cinema in the Furries‘ hometown, with a public showing to follow at 9pm tonight.

But due to a booking error, the cinema was not reserved – and the big screen has been released for ‘Pearl Harbor’ instead.

A public premiere will now be held at the same venue in Cardiff next Monday, June 11.

‘Rings Around The World’ is released on July 23 as a simultaneous CD and DVD release. As previously reported on NME.COM, the DVD format features a short, specially commissioned film for each track.

A single, ‘Juxtapozed With U’, precedes the album on July 9.