Gruff Rhys performs vocals while Simon Jones lays down some basslines...

Super Furry Animals mainman GRUFF RHYS and former bassist with THE VERVESIMON JONES have collaborated with DAN and JON KAHUNA on tracks for FC KAHUNA‘s forthcoming album.

Rhys wrote and performed vocals on one song while Jones added bass to the same track and to several others.

“We did a track with Gruff,” Jon Kahuna told nme.com. “He just wrote down a few of his mad sayings and came up with this tale of a female lighthouse keeper who eats herself – she’s called Fate. The track has a working title of ‘Sea Shanty’.”

Jon added that US country singer Eileen Rose had also contributed vocals while Gus Gus member Haftis Huld was about to do the same.

Both Jon and Dan are set to start mixing the 10-track album next month (September) and are looking towards a January 2001 release through their Kahuna Kuts imprint.

Jon said they had a working title of ‘God Module’, but added: “But I only thought of that this morning and thought it would work. It might not.”

It is not clear yet as to whether or not the Gruff track will become a single.