Being Welsh, chinchillas and European graffitt - you asked the questions, here are the rest of the answers...

Let us continue then, and pry the minds of the Super Furry Animals with your posers in part two of their FAN-ISH INQUISITION

Which of these would you like to see in the next 1000 years and why? The Queen Mother dying. Talking animals. Or more Velcro? (Steve Austin, San Francisco)

Bunf: “I think the Queen Mother dying is going to happen anyway.”

Gruff: “Definitely talking animals.”

Guto: “That’s what separates us from the animals, the power of speech. And the fact that we can read. It would be quite interesting if animals started reading signposts and stuff like that.”

Bunf: “I’m for talking animals as well. Velcro’s just a pain in the arse. If you’ve got a woolly jumper on it sticks to you unnecessarily. Velcro is only a good thing in space, which is what it was originally designed for. Talking animals, man, that would be wicked.”

If you had to burn a book, what would it be and why? (Chris Marsh, Rustington, West Sussex)

Gruff: “Well, Gorky’s were chucked out of their first hotel room for burning Gideon’s Bible. I suppose that’s a good place to start.”

Bunf: “The fucking Rough Guide To Rock. It’s got our biography wrong.”

I’ve heard there’s an album by all the members of Super Furry Animals, but under a different name. Is this true, and where can I get it? (Matt Froude, Ringwood, Hants)

Gruff: “Yes. HMV.”

Bunf: “We can’t tell you anything else.”

Guto: “It’s too much of an ongoing thing at the moment. We don’t know what’s going to happen with the whole thing. So if we said something, it would probably turn out to be untrue.”

Gruff: “We’re just not sure that the listening public can handle it yet.”

Bunf: “It’s like a communication to a higher intelligence. Scientifically, it’s a very great album.”

What are your feelings on Welsh patriotism? (Pete Acton, Cardiff)

Gruff: “I think that the idea of nationality is a hindrance. Nationality is a very fuzzy thing, because nations don’t really exist. So I think that flags are a bit silly, really. As are barbers. I do think that a culture should be celebrated and differences are there to be celebrated, and I certainly feel attached to this place and to Welsh culture, but it shouldn’t exclude everything else. I support devolution, though. I think every place should be as devolved as possible, which is pure anarchy.”

Bunf: “Patriotism is fine so long as it isn’t taken to extremes. I think 99% of my life, I don’t wake up and thank God I’m Welsh.”

Gruff: “You say ‘ass’.”

I read back in the spring that you were going to release an all electronic album in the near future, is this still in the works and when can we expect to hear it? And what’s going on with the Welsh record? (Rob Barthorpe, York)

Gruff: “We’ve got loads of electronic songs recorded. Cian’s always writing, even when he’s at home. So there will inevitably be a record of that description available at some point. The Welsh language album is finished. Creation were going to release it in March or April, but they’re folding in June, so I don’t know what’s going to happen.”

What animal would every member of the band choose to be and why? (Kevin Ian Hills, Montreal)

Bunf: “A cat. Because basically you’d do pretty much the same things if you were a cat, wouldn’t you? Just wander around the house, eat and ignore people.”

Gruff: “A chinchilla, because I could sell my hair for a thousand pounds a yard. That’s a pretty ace way of making a living.”

Guto: “I’d be a shark. Because I love fish, and if I were a shark I could eat all the fish I want.”

What will the next album be like? (Mark Haydn, Norwich)

Gruff: “Well, the follow-up to ‘Guerrilla’ will be very melodic, more lush, and purer. Not as brash.”

Bunf: “It will be pine fresh.”

Guto: “Like potpourri.”

Are you beer, lager or Guinness drinkers? (Peter Fox, Sheffield)

Bunf: “Red Stripe. Red wine and Red Stripe.”

Guto: “And red lobster.”

Gruff: “We go by categories. Either red by colour or red by name.”

If there were a single global currency, who should appear on the banknotes? (Matt Keeler, Watford)

Gruff: “George Clinton, maybe.”

Bunf: “Or Holgar Zukay, the bassist from Can.”

Gruff: “Yeah, he’s got a good ‘tache.”

Do you ever feel like you’re teetering on the verge of being a techno band? (Roger Stillman, London)

Gruff: “No. It’s not something that I think about, like saying ‘ass’, when I wake up in the mornings.”

Guto: “Techno, to us, is quite natural. You know, you might put on a techno track just as easily as you might put on Radio One or whatever. It’s all music. But, like, once you’ve called yourself techno, that’s what you’ve got to be. It’s best never too be too much of any one thing.”

Are the stage suits featuring aliens and vegetables kept in a pet-style manner by the band, and do they have names? (Ian Wilkinson, Sheffield)

Gruff: “They’re kept in a 24-hour secure locker storage space in a liquid carbon solution. In a building made of corrugated aluminium.”

Guto: “We have names for some of them.”

Bunf: “We can’t say that we don’t, because it would be like telling people that Father Christmas doesn’t exist. We can’t tell anyone that they’re only costumes that roadies wear.”

Gruff: “An elaborate story must evolve about them.”

Guto: “One of them is fire, one is ice. And the white one is El Nino Man.”

Gruff: “There are a few stories about El Nino Man. You know, he’s a pole. Like the north pole or the south pole, only he’s a moving pole. An autonomous pole. The Northern Lights follow him wherever he goes.”

You have sung that clarity and table tennis rules confuse you. What else do you have trouble comprehending? (Alan Preest, Huddersfield)

Bunf: “The general public’s taste in music.”

Gruff: “Yeah, the general public confuse me. Not just their taste in music, but in films, in politicians, sports, everything. I am forever bewildered.”

Cliff Richard has shown that there is success to be had by mixing the tune of one song with the words of another. Can you think of 2 songs you would like to mix together? (Alex Turner, Bournemouth)

Gruff: “The lyrics from ‘Fight The Power’ and the tune to ‘Good Vibrations’. What a great question! Congratulations, you win a Mini Metro.”

Bunf: “The Lord’s Prayer to ‘Hard Trance Experience’ by Hardcore. Cliff missed out on that particular German track.”

What was the last band in-joke? (Kev Whiteley, Sheffield)

Gruff: “Well, I don’t know about in-jokes, exactly, but the graffiti in European dressing rooms is always a source of great amusement, and many catch-phrases. Like ‘taking things to the max’ or ‘fuck your hand’, or ‘that was absolutely good’.”

Bunf: “And then there are song lyrics from, like, Spanish bands singing in English. Things like ‘I’m going to fuck your shit up’, or ‘I’m going to kiss you higher’. What do they mean?”

Guto: “Remember that band called Fool Moon? Or the one in Denmark called Bass and Triple?”

Gruff: “But as far as in-jokes go, I guess the guacamole thing was the last big one. They tend to make their way into the songs.”

What would you rather have, wings to fly in the air or gills to breathe underwater? (Hazel Goodfellow, Bristol)

Guto: “Permanently? Gills. I don’t know why.”

Gruff: “One would be handy in an air crash, the other in a shipwreck.”

Bunf: “Gills, man. Gills would be cool.”

Guto: “Aren’t our ears the remains of gills?”

Gruff: “I’d have wings, I think. It seems a much more useful faculty to have. You could fly everywhere you want to go. Except maybe back stage.”

What is the meaning of life? (Alyssa Joye, New York)

Bunf: “Getting to the point where you can no longer speak.”

Gruff: “I’m putting my bets down that it’s a frequency.”

It is only as we reach the end of our question time that the door bursts open to reveal Cian, slumped and wild-eyed. He helps himself to a cup of tea, scratches his head, and joins Daf on the hotel bed.Gruff sighs and says he can’t wait until after the Millennium, as SFA’s Manics support will not only be the end of a very long and busy year, but the beginning of the band’s first real holiday. The respite will only last ten days, but Bunf says that it will allow them to “get back to being more normal”. Something tells us that’s never going to happen.