"Tony Blair is now a mass murderer," says Gruff...

Super Furry Animals have branded Tony Blair a war criminal over the NATO bombing of former Yugoslavia. They also turned down ‘60,000 to play a benefit for Labour in Cardiff because the gig was sponsored by oil giant ELF.

“We get offered a lot of dirty money and some music’s completely unacceptable,” Gruff Rhyss told NME‘s Sylvia Patterson. “New Labour invited us to do a gig for the Assembly, sponsored by ELF. Offered to pay us ‘60,000, just for the band, after all the expenses were paid, for an afternoon gig playing to some kids in a park in Cardiff and to have ELF on the tickets and ELF on every banner surrounding the band.”

SFA turned down the gig, despite Bunf‘s assertion that, had he known about it, “They could have put ELF on my cock for sixty grand.”


They also slammed Tony Blair for “bum-licking Clinton.”

Tony Blair is now a mass murderer,” said Gruff. “Committed acts of mass murder. He’s a war criminal. It frightens me. They said ‘We’re the opposite of the Tories’…you didn’t expect them to be more blood thirsty.”

Super Furry Animals‘ new album ‘Guerilla’ is out in June. The full tracklist is

Check It Out Do Or Die The Turning Tide Northern Lites Night Vision Wherever I Lay My Phone (That’s My Home) A Specific Ocean Some Things Come From Nothing The Door To This House Remains Open The Teacher Fire In My Heart The Sound Of Life Today Chewing Chewing Gum Keep The Cosmic Trigger Happy

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