SFA hint that they're plotting escape from post-McGee label...

The ongoing Creation problems have continued with the reports that Kevin Rowland’s recent album was one of the year’s biggest flops.

‘My Beauty’ failed to reach the Top 200 in the first two weeks of release and it is estimated that, nationwide, it probably sold less than 500 copies.

But Creation boss, Alan McGee – who recently announced his forthcoming departure from the label – said: “I don’t give a fuck if it’s a commerical disaster because it’s one of the most beautiful records I’ve ever been involved in…I think the problem is the image. It probably is difficult to buy if you’re a hetrosexual male, but that’s their problem, not Kevin‘s.”

Meanwhile, Super Furry Animals have spoken of the situation at Creation.

Left in limbo by McGee‘s decision to step down in June next year, lead singer Gruff Rhys told Radio 1: “It’s probably losing momentum as a label and it’s fine to move on, you know? I’ve got to be part of the label and I grew up listening to and being inspired by My Bloody Valentine, Primal Scream and the Jesus And Mary Chain. I’m glad to have been part of that, but it’s not the same label that it was and it’s time to move on.”

He went on to say the Super Furries were already planning their next move. Mirroring McGee’s own statement closely, Gruff said: “We’ll probably set up our own film and internet/multimedia production company and an airline…We’ll probably announce our takeover of Cardiff City as well. Nostradamus predicted that creation would come to an end in 1999 and everyone thought he was talking about the world. Nostradamus‘ vision became true when Creation came to an end.”