Super Furry Animals have New Year party in London

The band play three storming sets at the Royal Festival Hall

Super Furry Animals played three sets at their New Year party in London, which kicked off last night (December 31) and continued into 2008.

The band played three career-spanning sets on the evening at the Royal Festival Hall, playing singles, B-sides, tracks from all of their studio albums and two new songs – ‘Earth’ and ‘Hot Lips’.

After playing two sets before the bells, the band returned shortly before midnight, and after a countdown, played a storming ‘Slow Life’ in the venue’s ballroom. They then ran through a greatest hits set that sent partygoers wild.

Many fans had come, as requested, dressed as SFA songs – there were teachers (‘The Teacher’) a “middle-aged diver” (taken from the song ‘Hermann Loves Pauline’ and several golden retrievers (‘Golden Retriever’).

Deerhoof also performed, and among the other attractions were the ‘Miniscule Of Sound’, the “smallest nightclub in the world”, and the Starfuckers bar, which featured fake paparazzi and people kitted out as pop stars such as Amy Winehouse.

SFA played:


‘Northern Lites’

‘Mrs Spector’

‘Ymaelodi Ar Ymylon’

‘If You Don’t Want Me To Destroy You’

‘Carbon Dating’

‘Nythod Cacwn’


‘Fire In My Heart’

‘Hot Lips’


‘Ice Hockey Hair’

‘The Gateway Song’


‘Into The Night’

‘She’s Got Spies’

‘Battersey Odyssey’

‘Down A Different River’

‘The Gift That Keeps Giving’

‘Show Your Hand’

‘Neo Consumer’

‘Baby Ate My Eightball’

‘Keep The Cosmic Trigger Happy’

‘Slow Life’

‘(Drawing) Rings Around The World’

‘Golden Retriever’

‘Do Or Die’

‘God! Show Me Magic’

‘Juxtapozed With U’

‘Receptacle For The Respectable’



‘Hello Sunshine’

‘The Man Don’t Give A Fuck’