Super Furry Animals gig to protest Tory Party Conference: “established politics is criminal”

Charlotte Church will join SFAs in show in support of The People's Assembly Against Austerity

Super Furry Animals are set to head a Tory Party Conference protest gig in collaboration with The People’s Assembly Against Austerity this October, with Charlotte Church as support.

The Welsh band returned to the live stage back in April after several years, while frontman Gruff Rhys spoke out in advance of the Conservative’s election victory, calling the election “a severe threat to the social fabric”.

The band have come out with still stronger anti-Tory sentiments this time around, releasing a statement alongside the gig announcement.


It read: “What has happened in established politics is nothing short of criminal, testing our faith in humanity. We see blatant, systematic rebalancing of the books, favouring private greed over public wealth, to ensure the deserving majority is left with nothing in favour of an immoral minority.


“The Tory government and the coalition before them have worked harder to protect this imbalance than anyone, ruling through deception and fear. This is our musical response to those injustices and we ask our listeners to consider whether members of the political and business elite really have their best interests at heart.”

Charlotte Church has also spoken about her involvement, saying: “I’ll be there for the People’s Assembly week of action against the Conservative Party conference because austerity is but another shiny bauble to bewilder us with, and yet the cuts that are taking place threaten, not just livelihoods, but lives.

“This government is extreme in it’s ideology and is a genuine threat to our freedoms, our privileges and our economic future. We have a democratic responsibility to oppose this government, and we can sing songs while we do it. Let’s do something good!”

The gig will take place on October 5 at Manchester Academy, with tickets on sale now. They’re priced at £10 for concessions, £15 for standard entry and £20 to include a £5 donation towards the campaign.