Super Furry Animals plan ‘speaker blowing’ comeback

There's an orchestral album on the way too

Super Furry Animals have enough material for three new albums, frontman Gruff Rhys has told NME.COM.

The band are currently mixing the follow-up to 2005’s ‘Love Kraft’. Rhys says that record, due out in the spring on the band’s new label Rough Trade, will be a “speaker blowing” LP. But an orchestral album is also planned for release at some stage.

Speaking about the new material, Rhys said: “We just finished mixing the new record, but we’re working on about three different Furries records at the moment. We’ve got so much music, which we’ll put out gradually.

“We’ve got about 20 hours worth of music recorded. The next record’s a bit of a racket. By the end of the last tour we had dumped all the slow songs are were just doing rocky numbers. At that point we were rehearsing a batch of new songs and that influenced their direction – they’re pretty energetic and extreme. It’s very melodic, and there are a couple of mellow tunes too.”

Asked when the record would be released, Rhys stated: “At the moment, we’re just trying to make sense of what we’ve mixed and we’re having a period of reflection that we always have after finishing things. We’re not in a mad rush, but the sooner the better I suppose.”

Rhys, who releases his second solo album ‘Candylion’ on January 8, also disclosed how some of the other new material sounded.

He revealed: “We’ve got an orchestral record on the way too, completely instrumental. But that will take a while.”