Super Furry Animals launch their letter of protest

Welsh band attack nuclear power

Super Furry Animals have launched a public letter of protest to “remove hidden subsidies for nuclear power”.

The band have responded to the announcement by the International Energy Agency regarding proposals to build new nuclear power stations in the UK, funded entirely by the private sector, without any government subsidy.

Super Furry Animals have revealed examples of how the nuclear industry have received subsidies, calling on the general public to educate themselves further on ‘the many headaches with nuclear power’ by clicking onto the website .

In a joint statement, the band added: “Future generations are being made to pay for the costs arising from nuclear waste that will be dangerous for thousands of years.

“This represents a very large subsidy from those people, yet to be born, to the nuclear industry of today. Before any new nuclear power stations are built in the UK, the first two hidden subsidies must be removed and the problem of long-lived nuclear waste must be solved.”