Super Furry Animals fans want ‘The Man Don’t Give A Fuck’ back in the charts after Dominic Cummings lockdown controversy

The 1996 track was written about "the mistreatment that we’ve had at the hands of politicians for years"

Fans of Super Furry Animals are trying to get ‘The Man Don’t Give A Fuck’ back into the charts in response to the government’s handling of Dominic Cummings’ lockdown controversy.

Boris Johnson’s chief of staff has faced widespread backlash after the government confirmed he had travelled across the UK in March amid the coronavirus lockdown. He has claimed the purpose of the trip was to get care for his son while he and his wife were suffering from symptoms of the virus.

As the public called for Cummings to resign or be fired, Johnson defended his adviser, saying he had “acted legally and responsibly.”


Now, Super Furry Animals fans have encouraged people to download and stream ‘The Man Don’t Give A Fuck’ in protest. In 2000, frontman Gruff Rhys told the BBC the track, which was originally released in 1996, was “about the mistreatment that we’ve had at the hands of politicians for years.”

The band shared the track on Twitter with the lyric “You know they don’t give a fuck about anybody else” yesterday (May 24), following Johnson’s comments defending Cummings. Their followers quickly responded with ideas to try and get the song to Number One.

“Seeing as Johnson is backing Cummings for some unfathomable reason… Wouldn’t it be good if The Man Don’t Give a Fuck by Super Furry Animals entered the charts this week?” Wrote one Twitter user.



“Think we can all agree @superfurry said it best,” another added. “Can we do one of those campaigns to get this to number 1? Like they did with that RATM song. Imagine the whole nation singing to this.”

A similar campaign to get Jarvis Cocker’s ‘Running The World’ to Number One was started in December, following the re-election of the Conservative government. It charted at Number 48 in The Official UK Singles Chart.