Sheffield four-piece release single to your desktop...

Superfine, just signed to Deceptive, home of Elastica, release what they believe to the world’s – or at least the UK’s – first e mail-only single.

‘Circles’ will come complete with artwork and sleeve notes and is free; it can be played on any of the commonly available Mp3 players such as WinAmp, RealJukebox or MusicMatch though at the moment it’s only PC compatible – a Mac version may be available later.

Unlike currently available free and paid-for Mp3 downloads, ‘Circles’ is sent to you – it will take about 5 minutes – depending on your modem speed – to get it from your server but once downloaded you can store it, or forward it to a friend if you like what you hear.

“We see the use of technology as an exciting development in promoting new material,” Tony Smith of Deceptive Records said. “It gives fans an immediate access to material without having to access websites, navigate around them and search for the music. It’s global, it’s direct, it’s immediate and it’s free.”

Superfine have already released a mini album called ‘Uniaxial’ and have just finished a UK tour and are working on new material.

To get a copy, send an e mail to and they’ll send you it after the release date on December 6.

Many insiders in the music industry are now suggesting that this could eventually replace the single as a promotional tool; as well as the spread of internet connections, there will be forays into downloads via digital TV receivers which widens the potential audience for downloaded music.