In an exclusive interview - Supergrass reveal the secrets of their new album...

Supergrass have revealed details of their new album, out September 13 on Parlophone, exclusively to NME – though they still can’t decide what to call it.

The band, who played a special preview set of new material to NME at a London rehearsal studio last week, said possible titles included ‘Right Up Your Alley’, ‘Slap The Monkey’, ‘Musn’t Grumble’, ‘A Bit Of Rough’ and ‘Out On The Blue’.

Danny Goffey said that their management were even offering them ‘1000 to name it now, but he said the final decision would be made “in desperation” a week before its release!


As for the album itself, lead singer Gaz Coombs said it displayed a more broad Supergrass repertoire: “It’s a lot more groovy, then other tracks are laid back. It’s more vocal than the last album too, lots of harmonies. Then there’s less guitar solos, but more ridiculous guitars. We’ve just gone a bit wider!”

The band also confirmed their next single would be ‘Moving’. Sounding reminiscent of “Supergrass meeting The Love Unlimited Orchestra” it’s a mellow lush affair with some strings, but with a funky, disco-tinged beat. It’s being released in August. The first track from the album ‘Pumping On Your Stereo’ is out on May 24.

The band will be debuting four of their new tracks in public on April 28 on