Supergrass bassist speaks after breaking back

Mick Quinn is on the mend after 'ill-fated toilet dash'

Supergrass’ Mick Quinn is on the mend after breaking his back last year.

The bassist was injured on a family holiday last August when he walked out of a first floor window where he was staying.

The injury meant Supergrass had to abandon several shows, leading bandmates Gaz Coombes and and Danny Goffey to gig as the duo The Diamond Hoo Haa Men in the interim.


However, speaking to Teletext Quinn explained he is now on the mend, despite the band fearing his accident could have forced them to split.

“I’m going to be back doing shows at the end of February,” he explained. “I’m fine, I just might not be able to jump and down quite so much in future.

Danny and Gaz were in total shock (when they heard about the accident). They didn’t think I’d be able to walk again.”

Quinn explained that he had not been sleepwalking as first thought, but the injuries were the result of a ill-fated, night time toilet dash.

“I needed a pee and, stupidly, I didn’t turn any lights on,” he explained. “I forgot we were on the first floor, mistook a window for a glass door in the dark and stepped through it!”

Despite being stuck in a French hospital for two weeks and his slow convalescence, the bassist explained their had been some benefits, namely he has given up smoking.


“I was offered nicotine patches, but I was on morphine so I didn’t need any,” he explained. “I lost weight too. I could write a health guide, but the method is pretty severe.”

He added he was impressed with his bandmates efforts as a duo, but he has been taking notes for the group’s return with their new album next month.

“The weirdest thing in all of this has been watching Supergrass shows,” Quinn said. “I’ve been taking notes on what we need to do better – we don’t talk to the crowd enough. They could use a bassist, too. But, you know what, we’re a good band. I’d pay to go and see our concerts.”