Supergrass side-project to gig in London

Gaz and Danny's The Diamond Hoo-Ha Men get ready for action

SupergrassGaz Coombes and Danny Goffey are set to play a number of shows as their new duo The Diamond Hoo-Ha Men.

The duo, who have had to delay the release of the new Supergrass album since bassist Mick Quinn broke his back, have decided to gig while Quinn recuperates.

Speaking to NME.COM, drummer Danny Goffey said: “We’re just trying to put some energy into something else, but not as Supergrass as a band, we’re doing it as a guitar and drums fiasco.

“But it sounds brilliant, man, we’ve got loads of weird songs we’ve written for the duo and new songs we’re playing. We might do a few old ones too that we’ve reworked.”

While dates are yet to be confirmed, The Diamond Hoo-Ha Men will be playing London clubs around the end of November.

Goffey also explained that Supergrass are to perform without Quinn for a one-off gig, at an XFM fundraising concert.

“We’ve got Gaz’s younger brother, Charly Coombes, playing stand-up keyboard bass with us, which is quite mental.”

The drummer claims the duo have some special performance ideas up their sleeves, claiming: “We’ve got a car called The Diamond Hoo-Ha Van! We’ve got some mad ideas, but I don’t want to tell you ‘cause people’ll nick them!”

Supergrass’ forthcoming completed album, the band’s sixth, is set to be released in the spring after Quinn recovers, with Goffey claiming: “It’s sounding really good. It’s sounding quite raw and rocky, quite upbeat.”