NME.COM is giving you the chance to date one of the band for the night…

One lucky NME.COM reader is being given the chance to win a date with SUPERGRASS and enjoy a night of celebrity ligging.

Amazingly, Danny Goffey has offered himself as the prize in our exclusive competition and is putting himself at the mercy of the lucky winner.

This has not, however, stopped Danny from trying (and failing) to put restrictions on the winner, telling NME.COM, “no hairy fat blokes need apply. Only mellow, cool dudes or pretty chicklets.”

The winner will have their travel and hotel paid for, so they can fully enjoy their ‘Dannydate’ without worrying about getting the last train home or having to sleep in a box if the offer of coffee never comes.

On the day of the date, he will whisk you away to a destination of his choice. A source close to Danny said, “I have no idea where he will be taking them, I guess it’s how he feels on the day but it would probably be a good idea for the winner to have good medical insurance!”

To stand a chance of winning your very own genuine Danny Goffey for a day, [url=]Click here and answer the question.

Supergrass released their greatest hits collection ‘Supergrass Is 10’ on June 7.