And the likes of Supergrass and The Libertines want you to write it...

Libertines, SUPERGRASS and DELAYS are recording a football song for EURO 2004 – and they want you to write it.

The indie stars rang XFM to offer their support to the station’s ‘Song For Europe’ competition.

Launched on the Christian O’Connell Breakfast Show, the competition is looking for people to send in demos of their original football-themed anthems.

The winner will be chosen from an online voting poll, and will have their song recorded by the rock icons and played on XFM throughout the summer.

Presenter Christian O’Connell said he was very surprised to receive a call on air from Libertines’ Carl Barat – but not as surprised as the singer appeared to be.

“Last Thursday (April 22) we were just chatting to a father and son who had sent in a demo when Carl from Libertines called in saying, ‘I’d like to take part, I’d love to do it’,” Christian told NME.COM.

“Now you see, rock stars in the morning they’re fragile, it’s like treading on eggshells trying to interview them. Even though he’d called us to say ‘I want to do this’, suddenly halfway though the phone call he said ‘So, what are we doing?’ And I went, ‘Er, the ‘Song For Europe’ – you want to sing on the song, the one we pick to get released!’ And he was like, ‘Oh! Brilliant idea! Yeah, call me after the show that sounds like a brilliant idea!’.

The singer was the latest in a string of music celebs to get in touch.

“We’ve also got Danny from Supergrass who rang two shows before him to say he’d be up for doing drums on whichever song we pick to release. Then Delays called in as well – they’re big football fans apparently and they said they’d do handclaps and maybe we can write Greg (Gilbert) a little girly bit to sing,” added Christian.

The presenter said the decision to launch ‘Song For Europe’ came after hearing Blazin’ Squad were lined up to record the FA’s official anthem for Euro 2004.

“As soon as we heard that it looked like the Blazin’ Squad were going to do the FA song that was it really, it was like the red mist descended. We thought this is rubbish and rather than just moaning about it we thought let’s see if anyone listening can write a really good anthem and we’ll get it released,” he said.

The Breakfast Show has received over 60 entries so far and the team will be whittling them down to five finalists on Friday (April 30). The public is then invited to visit the XFM website over the weekend to listen to the finalists and vote on who should win.

But Christian was eager to remind NME.COM readers that there is still time to submit an entry.

“NME and NME.COM readers are the right kind of people to come up with a good lyric. We are going to be approaching John Barnes this week about getting him involved in the new 2004 anthem. Now if that isn’t a call to arms to NME readers then I don’t know what is. Y’know, he’s got a bit bigger since ‘World In Motion’, but we need to write that man a new sort of Eminem, Mikey Skinner style rap to do with some phat beats,” he said.

For more information on submitting a demo and voting for ‘Song For Europe’ visit [url=]xfm.co.uk/breakfast.