The band say they don't even like 'Alright' anymore...

SUPERGRASS have lent their BRITPOP anthem ‘ALRIGHT’ to an American credit card TV advert, even though they are not even fans of their pop hit.

Despite the song’s success – it reached Number Two in the UK chart – drummer Danny Goffey admits the group are now ambivalent about the song.

He told “To us, ‘Alright’ is so old and we don’t really play the song anymore. So we don’t really like it too much.”

However, Goffey admitted the band don’t want to become known as purveyors of “advert music”.

He added: “We have a history of not really doing that (licensing songs). It is a bit sad to make loads of money and just have your music plastered around products that have nothing to do with your life.”

Supergrass are currently touring the United States and Canada, promoting fourth album, ‘Life On Other Planets’. The band are strongly rumoured to be playing this year’s Glastonbury Festival.