New album almost completed with rude title...

Supergrass have revealed that their new album, due out this summer, has the working title ‘Cocked’, though according to a spokesman, this is something that Danny made up on the spur of the moment and that the final record will probably be called something else.

The album is being co-produced by the band and John Cornfield, who worked on their last album ‘In It For The Money’, and is due to be mixed next month.

A spokesman for Supergrass told NME: “They’re almost finished. They’re going to start in February doing the final bits of vocals and the final mix, and then it will all be done.” He continued: “It’s got all the energy of ‘I Should Coco’ coupled with the great songs from the second. There’s six possible singles on it, one of which is being described as even better than ‘Alright’.”


The first single from it should be released around April, though the band haven’t narrowed down which song it will be yet.

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