Surviving Beastie Boys members announce trio of shows

The pair previously did a book tour

The surviving members of the Beastie Boys have announced three live events directed by Spike Jonze.

Adam ‘Ad-Rock’ Horovitz and Michael ‘Mike D’ Diamond will return to the stage in the US this April for what is billed: “Beastie Boys As Told By Mike Diamond and Adam Horowitz”.

The band did not provide any further details about the event although it’s expected to be linked to the duo’s recently released autobiography Beastie Boys Book.


The show premieres on April 5 at the Tower Theater in Philadelphia. Two further stagings are scheduled for the Kings Theatre in Brooklyn on April 8 and 9. No shows have been scheduled for the UK as of yet.

Jonze previously directed the band’s iconic video for ‘Sabotage’. The Boys also collaborated with Jonze on an unreleased feature film called We Can Do This based on late bandmember Adam Yauch’s alter-ego Nathanial Hornblower.

The surviving members recently did a tour based on their book which stopped in London last October. It was described by NME at the time as “a strange evening of entertainment involving fake chat shows, daft outfits and a misfired in-joke about Phil Collins, but for all its strangeness it’s a night that stealthily puts the audience through the emotional wringer. There were laughs. There was dancing. And there were tears – both on stage and off”.

The Beastie Boys also recently opened up about the loss of Yauch.

Addressing the task of writing about their bandmate’s death, Diamond said: “It’s really hard. It’s a tremendously sad thing. We never anticipated experiencing this incredible loss of our friend and partner dying, and dying the way he did. It’s still sad.”


He added: “What can you possibly write beyond that? What can you write about that period of time? It’s this weird transition. They’re that person but they’re not the person they were…All you can say is, yes, you miss this person.”

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