Former Swans member banned from Twitter for posting tutorial on ‘how to punch a Nazi’

Thor Harris posted a video advising viewers about "punching a Nazi, or any other member of the Republican Party"

Musician and former Swans member Thor Harris was briefly banned from Twitter this week after posting a video tutorial demonstrating how to ‘punch a Nazi.’

Harris landed in hot water with the social platform after his 30-second video – where he described what you should do if you came across a situation where you needed to “punch a Nazi… or any other member of the Republican Party” – was reported by some Twitter users. Harris has actively opposed US President Donald Trump’s administration on his account.

While Harris prefaced his advice by saying that “peaceful protest is much better,” the video was enough for Twitter to temporarily suspend Harris’ account. In solidarity with Harris, the Californian band Xiu Xiu reposted Harris’ video on their Twitter account, writing: “Dear friend Thor Harris was suspended from Twitter for posting this how-to punch nazis in the face video. here you go!”. Watch the video below.

However, Harris has since had his Twitter account reinstated, thanking fans and well-wishers for their support.

Harris left Swans last year. The band announced that their 2016 release, ‘The Glowing Man’, would be their “last” album, with frontman Michael Gira describing two of the album’s songs, ‘People Like Us’ and ‘Finally, Peace’, as “farewell songs.”