Swedish black metal band part with member for doing Nazi salute

Watain have called the furore around a photo of the guitarist "tiresome and time-consuming"

A Swedish black metal band have parted ways with one of their members after a photograph of him doing a Nazi salute circulated online.

Watain formed in 1998 and have released six studio albums in their career, including January’s ‘Trident Wolf Eclipse’. Guitarist Set Teitan joined the band in 2007.

However, as frontman Erik Danielsson noted in a statement, Teitan has now “stepped aside” from the group “for a period of time”, due to the response to the photo. Danielsson claims the guitarist’s gesture in the picture “was done in jest”.


“That’s as much as we have to say about that, but to put an end to this tiresome and time-consuming nonsense, the guitarist in question has decided to step aside for a period of time to avoid further hopeless discussions on the subject,” he wrote to MetalSucks.

He added that the band “spit upon the ill-willed ignorance” of people who claim Watain have “any political agenda whatsoever”. The statement concluded with him saying: “Finally, we would like to send a heartfelt fuck off to all who insist on feeding the mindless moral witch-hunt hysteria that is now festering on worldwide Heavy Metal culture. Hail Satan!”

Brooklyn Vegan also shared a video in which Teitan appeared to do another Nazi salute while on stage in Stockholm. Watain responded to that clip by saying: “As everyone should know by now, Watain band members have no ties to Nazi ideology, neither publicly nor personally.”

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