Swedish House Mafia explain reason for their split

The top-earning dance trio are retiring later this year

Swedish House Mafia have explained the reasons behind their impending split.

In June, the dance music titans said they were planning to split up when their next tour came to an end. They made the announcement via their website, where they thanked fans for their support adding: “We came, we raved, we loved.”

Now Steve Angello of the trio has told Rolling Stone the reason behind their forthcoming retirement, saying that they decided to call it a day because they didn’t know what their ‘next move’ would be. He said:

We just decided that we reached a point where we don’t know what the next move would be. We always like the challenge. And we don’t like to repeat ourselves. We just felt like it was time.


He denied that a rift in the act was the reason behind the split, saying: “We’re like brothers. We’re still here. It’s not like anybody has died. We’ve had beyond our dreams and we’ve come very, very far. We just felt like, ‘let’s stop touring.'” Their final show takes place in Stockholm on November 24.

Yesterday, Swedish House Mafia came third in a list naming the world’s highest paid DJs.

Forbes‘ list of the Top 10 biggest earners in dance music – called the Electronic Cash Kings list – was topped by Tiësto, whose yearly earnings were put at $22 million (£14 million). He was followed by Skrillex – who rakes in $15 million (£9.7 million) a year, and then by Swedish House Mafia, who came in third, making $14 million (£9 million) a year.