Lib Dem leader Tim Farron says he loves Swim Deep, Wild Beasts and Everything Everything

MP was in a band called Fred The Girl when he was a teenager

The new leader of the Liberal Democrats Tim Farron has spoken of his love of indie music, saying that he is looking forward to hearing the new Swim Deep album.

The MP for Westmorland and Lonsdale previously revealed that he was in a band in the 1980s that went by the names Fred The Girl and The Voyeurs.

Now, speaking to The Big Issue North, Farron has spoken about his musical taste, expressing his love for both Wild Beasts and Everything Everything.


“We were terrible, but I loved being in a band,” Farron said. “I’m a pop music anorak. I still buy a lot of music. I don’t do a lot of downloading – I still think it’s right to own a physical entity.”

“When you get to my age, I’m sure I’m paddling in a shallower pool when it comes to listening to new things, but I’m particularly enjoying Everything Everything at the moment. I love Wild Beasts – not just because they’re from Kendal. And I’m eagerly awaiting the new Swim Deep album. I think they’re great.”

Farron added: “Dennis Healy said that politicians should have a hinterland: pop music is mine”.

NMEWunmi Onibudo /NME

The Lib Dem leader recently described his old band to Huffington Post as “a fourth-rate New Order”.

“I’m assuming you may have seen the photos,” he said. “The only good thing I can say is that because the photos are pre-digital, they are so low resolution that you can’t make out the eyeliner.”

He went on to say: “But I’ve got a worse confession. On a Saturday night, I watch The X-Factor with the kids. It’s a terrible programme, but strangely compelling. It is a desperately guilty pleasure – I have to cleanse myself by listening to Radio 6 for two solid hours afterwards.”


Farron isn’t the only politician showcasing his love of music recently: Jeremy Corbyn used an obscure ’70s Detroit soul B-side as his Labour Party conference exit track in September.