Swiss Lips kick off a month of free gigs with The Horrors and Bastille – watch

The band's month-long residency in east London will start on Friday (November 2)

Swiss Lips will be hosting a month-long residency at east London venue The Union.

The Mancunian five-piece will kick off the first night of the series on Friday (November 2), which will feature a set from Bastille and a DJ set from The Horrors.

All the shows are free and will take place at 16-18 Heneage Street, London, E1 5LJ. Full details can be found on the band’s website. As well as the opening night gig, the band will also be collaborating for the next month with a host of other bands, designers and artists.


Watch a video of Swiss Lips explaining the concept behind The Union residency below.

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