Hafdis Huld speaks out about Dolly Parton cancellation

She wanted to duet on 'Islands In The Stream'

Hafdis Huld kicked off the final night of NME @ Wave this evening (March 15) with covers of Madonna and The Beatles and revealed her dream to collaborate with Dolly Parton was quashed when Parton pulled out of SXSW.

The quirky Icelandic singer expressed her disappointment at Parton‘s cancellation saying:

“It was my mission to meet her at SXSW, look her in the eye and she would ask me to sing ‘Islands In The Stream’ with her. I was going to win her over with my glitter, but it wasn’t to be. Oh well, now I have another reason to come back to Texas. I just met a guy who lives four streets away from her and says he’s been to parties with her and everything! That’s just rubbing it in!”


Wearing a striped sundress and white frilled knee socks the ex Gus Gus singer bemused the audience with her between-song banter, which frequently drew looks of confusion from her British bandmates who seemed to find it just as difficult as the crowd to follow Huld‘s speedy-speech.

Hafdis Huld played;

‘Ski Jumper’

‘Ice Cream Is Nice’

‘Fucked Up Mind’


‘Who Loves The Sun’

‘Material Girl’


‘Diamonds On My Belly’

‘Plastic Halo’

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