Kate Nash plays secret SXSW show

London singer plays new songs in intimate setting in Texas

Kate Nash played a surprise afternoon gig today (March 15) at the Driskill Hotel, Austin, as part of SXSW 2008, playing two new songs.

Taking to the stage without her band to begin with, the singer stood for the first half of the set while playing acoustic guitar before sitting down at her piano.

Dressed in her signature high-waisted belt and dress, the London artist’s new tracks impressed the crowd who quickly gathered around Nash to catch a glimpse of the singer in the intimate setting.

Nash introduced a new song, ‘I Hate Seagulls’, by saying, “”This one’s called ‘I Hate Seagulls’, and I really hate them. But I don’t mind pigeons.”

Before playing her breakthrough hit ‘Foundations’ Nash suddenly realised that the settings on her electronic piano were wrong, saying, “Oops I’ve actually put this on piano and strings”.

However the singer corrected her mistake, then was joined by a friend who she introduced as “Henry”, who helped her play a beautiful rendition of the chart basher by adding acoustic guitar.

Towards the end of the show Nash took off her shoes, saying, “Now after all that excitement let’s calm down. I’m going to take my shoes off for this.” She then played Little Red’.

After finishing her set Nash thanked the crowd and left the stage to applause.

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