White Rabbits make SXSW after 27-hour drive

They preview three brand new songs in Austin

White Rabbits performed their second show at SXSW this afternoon (March 15) after a massive 27-hour drive from New York to Austin.

The six-piece played their first show at Club De Ville last night, just four hours after arriving in town, and were watched by a large crowd including Vampire Weekend.

They performed their second show at the same venue today at four, before rushing off to play their third and final show at the Nylon Lounge.

‘How’re you guys doing? We’re Spoon from Austin, Texas‘ quipped singer Greg Roberts Before launching into a brand new track entitled ‘Foxhunting’.

In addition to ‘Foxhunting’, the band also played two brand new songs which have yet to be titled.

As previously reported on NME.COM, the band recently inked a deal with Radiohead label TBD.

They played:


‘While We Go Dancing’

‘Dinner Party’

‘Untitled new song 1’

‘Untitled new song 2’

‘The Plot’

‘Fort Nightly’

‘Kid On My Shoulders’

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