Laura Marling plays sweet afternoon set at SXSW

She performs after Noah And The Whale collaboration

Laura Marling proved endearing to the crowd this afternoon at SXSW with a show hosted by Press Here at the French Legation Museum.

Wearing a Spice Girls t-shirt and skinny jeans, her blond hair cropped short, the singer was joined by a drummer/ukulele player and violinist for her set, which took place in the museum’s gardens a short walk from downtown.

The singer had minutes earlier performed an additional set on backing vocals duty for Noah And The Whale.

“Hello, I’m Laura” she said simply before launching into ‘Ghosts’.

Remaining largely silent between songs, Marling enjoyed rapturous attention from the audience, many of whom who sat cross-legged on the grass in the shade of a large canopy.

“Being a pale person, I can’t tell you how nice it is to be in the shade, I’d a really hard day yesterday, I didn’t bring any suntan lotion,” she said.

Finishing with ‘Shine’ the atmosphere took on a jamboree vibe as the audience whooped, hollered and clapped along.

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