Fanfarlo battle gremlins at NME SXSW bash

Band play gig off-the-cuff at Wave in Austin, Texas

London twee-poppers Fanfarlo played an improvised gig tonight (March 14) at the Wave venue in Austin, Texas as part of NME�s showcase gigs at the SXSW festival, battling all manner of electrical faults.

The six-piece band were forced to play off-the-cuff as various items of equipment failed and a quickly-conceived improvisation session was whipped up.

�We can�t get our equipment to work,� admitted frontman Simon Aurell, before performing first song �We Live By The Lake�, �but we�ll improvise something. I would have left by now � thanks for being here!�

The band went on to play a wonderfully-received set, with many crowd members muttering words of approval despite the technical difficulties.

�It�s like trying to drive a car and fix it at the same time,� mused Aurell before leading his band through �Fire Escape�, referring to the band�s continued attempts to fix equipment as the set progressed.

The band soon won over the crowd, and during near set-closer �You�re One Of The Few Outsiders Who Really Understands Us� Aurell handed a small tambourine to a lucky woman in the front row, who played along with the music enthusiastically.

Fanfarlo played:

�We Live By The Lake�


�Fire Escape�

�You�re One Of The Few Outsiders Who Really Understands Us�

�Harold T Wilkins�

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