SXSW: snog-fest at NME Antietam gig

Passion bubbles over at Wave

New York punk-rock veterans Antietam played a gig this evening (March 14) at the Wave venue in Austin, Texas as part of the NME showcase at SXSW.

Taking the stage at 10pm (CMT), the trio were bolstered by the addition of producer Josh Clark, who joined the band for guitar duties during the show.

Antietam�s show went down a storm, and even stirred some bubbling passion in one particular couple during the gig, prompting them to enthusiastically snog each other right in front of the band.

The band ended their set with an extended wig-out version of �The Moor�, before leaving the stage to rapturous applause.

Antietam played:


�Miss Me Bliss�

�Needle And The Eye�

�Time Creeps�

�Turn It On Me�

�That�s The Way It Is�

�On The Humble�



�Pennants & Flags�

�The Moor�

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